Ebenezer Ackon

Manhattan, NY 10014 · (929) 900-4937 · me@ebenezerackon.com

I design and develop mobile software.


Open source

etherscan-android-api · Github
loafwallet · Github


Communicating with an Ethereum Smart Contract via Android · Article
Set up Ethereum Dev Environment for MacOS · Article
Set up Ethereum Dev environment for PC · Article
Deploy and Verify a Contract to the Rinkeby Testnet · Article

Bitcoin: bc1qa8z4uu5add7suzadtnzgm8shv8ka4fnavae8fv
Ethereum: 352A36d4E98B5341443473B39C2bF31d4A1f499e
Litecoin: LffdY7wqMbGirneJfLKrd1PjEGCfqmjPHN

Mobile Development


Coming Soon · Github


Coming Soon · Github

Work History

Walmart sleekworks Props MTV BET CC VH1. Paramount Bellator Panasonic New Jersey Institute of Technology

Android Resume · Link
CV · Link

Need a Product Developed?

I consult clients in early stage planning and prototyping of their mobile applications by providing solutions in the shortest time, with the highest quality, and the lowest cost.

Email me@ebenezerackon.com and lets talk.